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Rentals & Events



The Inland AV Rentals division supports our client’s throughout their entire event planning and execution. Our team can provide creative and logistical support to ensure events achieve their goals.


Inland AV is the right choice for all your rental needs:

  • Event staging

  • Meeting & conference

  • Venue AV support

  • Power management

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Webcasting & Videoconferencing

  • CAD illustrations

  • If we don't have, we know how to get it!

Contact us to make your appointment for a free event consultation so that we can bring our experience, expertise and creativity to help you develop an outstanding audiovisual experience for your event.

We encourage you to book your consultation well in advance of your event, ideally before the venue is booked. We will discuss your goals for the event: who, what, why and when of it all and create an AV system that will convey your message with lasting impact.

Once we have an understanding of the event we can develop the system including 3D floor illustrations of the floor plan and a stage view illustration. This provides everyone including other event suppliers an understanding of what the room will look like. This is also important for sight-lines and safety issues such as traffic flow. We can also incorporate other objects and props that are a part of the event such as cars, airplanes and helicopters. 

Creative Event Production, Conferences & Meetings


Let us support your next Live Event (including streaming events) through Inland Productions and Rentals

Effective meetings require clear two-way communication. We can help you ensure facilitators and the audience have excellent audio and visuals for a successful and engaging event wherever they may happen. 

Meeting communication can be enhanced with:

  • Large screen computer data and video projection systems

  • Conference microphone systems

  • Audio reinforcement, recording and duplicating

  • Videoconferencing from an Inland AV suite or mobile unit

  • Flip charts, interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors

Inland AV can support all of the audiovisual requirements of conferences in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We will work with you to develop the right AV system for all rooms and any special event/performance and requests associated with the conference.


We can also develop image-blended graphics to make your conference memorable.

Festival & Event Power Solution

Looking for Temporary power for your festival, special event or trade show? 

At Inland AV Productions we have a number of power solutions from 400/200 Amp Distro power, 6/4 Distro Panels to SOCA panels. We are your single to 3 phase Camlock distribution specialist.

Need a power generator? We got the power!

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