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Consultations & Process

"Inland Audio Visual Company demonstrated expertise and professionalism throughout the entire process of conceptualization, design, installation, and support of our video conferencing room.Their team exhibited a profound understanding of our unique requirements and provided innovative

solutions tailored to our needs."

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Inland Audio Visual’s team of professionals are industry certified with the experience and expertise to provide consultation, as well as design for your next project. We deliver our best so you look your best.  


With our consultations, a potential client can expect a thorough, personalized, and professional engagement with an AV expert during an on-site visit, ensuring a successful audiovisual integration tailored to their needs. These are the general steps of the AV Solution process.


1. Pre-Visit Consultation

   - Initial contact to understand the client's requirements, preferences, and goals.

   - Gather information on the space, existing equipment, and potential challenges.


2. Site Assessment

   - Conduct a thorough examination of the client's space to assess its size, layout, and acoustic characteristics.

   - Evaluate existing A/V equipment, infrastructure, and any potential constraints.


3. Discussion of Goals

   - Present a range of A/V solutions tailored to the client's requirements.

   - Discuss the pros and cons of various equipment options, emphasizing scalability and future-proofing.


4. Technology Demos

   - Provide hands-on demonstrations of audiovisual equipment when possible.

   - Allow the client to experience the quality of sound, video, and control interfaces.


5. System Integration Overview

   - Explain how different components will seamlessly integrate into the client's environment.

   - Discuss automation possibilities and user-friendly control interfaces.
- Clearly outline the cost breakdown for proposed solutions.

   - Offer flexibility by presenting different packages to accommodate varying budget constraints.


6. Timeline and Project Phases

    - Provide a realistic timeline for the project, including installation and testing phases.

    - Clearly define milestones and keep the client informed about each stage of the process.


7. Collaboration with Other Professionals

    - Coordinate with relevant contractors or interior designers, if applicable, to ensure a cohesive and harmonious integration of A/V elements into the overall design.


8. User Training and Support

    - Outline plans for user training on the new A/V system.

    - Discuss ongoing support options, including maintenance schedules and troubleshooting procedures.


9. Proposal and Contract

    - Present a comprehensive proposal summarizing discussed points, including a detailed breakdown of costs and services.

    - Review the contract terms, ensuring clarity on warranties, support, and any post-installation services.


10. Follow-Up Communication

    - Establish an open line of communication for any follow-up questions or adjustments.

    - Confirm the next steps and address any outstanding concerns.

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