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Information Technology

Design & Automation

Design Aimed To Maximize Productivity

An integrated communications system can involve a range of media including audio, video, data, lighting, visual communications or any number of related components. Your goal in creating a communications system is that it should be powerful, effective and simple to operate. The development of the audio, video and control systems in the planning stage of your audiovisual project can be crucial to your budget and peace of mind. Using advanced AutoCAD software and the Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE) program, our design team accurately formulates and precisely analyze a system’s audio performance before it is actually installed.

Systems Design will:

  • Specify the equipment needed to deliver the results you require.

  • Analyze audio performance before the equipment is ordered to ensure proper components are selected.

  • Develop riser illustrations so that all signal flow, inputs and outputs are accounted for.

  • Provide floor layout illustrations so that AV system components and other room furnishings will all work together functionally and aesthetically.

  • Ensure installation is done with confidence and there will not be any unwelcome surprises.

  • Be valuable for the coordination with the trades that will be working on your construction site.


“We have utilized the services of Inland Audio Visual to assist us in designing and installing our systems throughout the company. Since 2003 we have rebuilt most of our 9 locations using Inland’s design, installation and maintenance services. As we continue to upgrade our locations, we have confidence that Inland Audio Visual will be an integral component in any of our future endeavours.”   -  Blackstrap Hospitality Corporation Management

Control & Automation


A control and automation system can help an organization in many ways.


Many of today’s boardrooms and training facilities have complex AV systems that can be intimidating to use. A control and automation system can take the stress out of setting up the AV system for a meeting.

Eliminate Clutter

A control and automation system eliminates clutter by hiding unsightly cables. There is only the single touchscreen required to operate the rooms equipment (separate remotes are not needed for each component in the room). 

Manage Room Bookings

A control and automation system can help with the management of room bookings. Staff can see what meeting rooms are available and book a meeting. Some systems will even allow for the meeting style to be set so that the AV system is ready to go before the participants arrive.

Building Efficiencies

A control and automation system can pay for itself with building energy savings. The building HVAC system can be automated for temperature control and lighting to realize efficiencies. Motion sensors can let the building know where people are working and turn off the lights in areas where there is no activity. Motion sensors can also let the building “know” when people are working late and keep the lights and temperature set appropriately. This can include knowing that people in a certain area of the building park their vehicle in a specific lot and keep the outdoor lighting from the persons exit point of the building and their path to their parking lot on!

If a boardroom has several regular events, each event can have a single button that would set up and turn on the AV system for that event. Here's an example of what can be done with the press of a button for a boardroom presentation:

  • Turn on a computer in the room.

  • Raise the monitor that was hidden behind a credenza, turn the monitor on and select the computer input.

  • Turn on the audio system and select the computer audio input.

  • Dim the lighting around the monitor.

  • Turn on an automated microphone/recording system.

  • Adjust the room temperature (the HVAC would be adjusted when the room is not in use) to a comfortable setting.

  • Control touchscreen panel can display other options for the sales presentation. A Media button when touched, can access the media server so that a video can be selected to play.

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