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Inland Audio Visual: The newest member of the Get In The Hearing Loop National Campaign

Inland Audio Visual is a proudly Canadian, family-owned-and-operated business. Inland AV’s team of specialists offer a comprehensive range of products and expertise through their dedicated sales, design, installation, service, event production, and rentals divisions. With headquarters in Winnipeg, they extend their full-service capabilities across Western Canada and into Ontario through strategic locations in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Saskatoon.


Inland AV’s experience with sales, integration, construction, and design/build initiatives have contributed to the productivity and modernization of the communities they serve since 1937. Part of that continued modernization is their commitment to contribute to being inclusive to all demographics.


Since learning of the Hearing Loop System in 2018, Executive Account Manager, Duane Ryan took the initiative to get the team at Inland AV to partner with the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. Duane has taken a leading role in creating public awareness of the Accessibility Act amongst the Provincial Government, corporate partners, City of Winnipeg, businesses across the Prairies and the public by promoting assistive hearing technology. To demonstrate this technology to stakeholders, Inland AV installed a Hearing Loop System in their boardroom. Ever since, they’ve been regularly giving demonstrations and advocating this incredible tool that removes barriers to communication to those impacted by hearing loss.


After 87 years in business, this Canadian original in audiovisual is excited to see what is to become of the Canadian landscape thanks to the Manitoba and National Canadian Hard of Hearing Association initiatives. Inland AV is all about enhancing experiences, and through the installation of Hearing Loop Systems, they are not only enhancing everyday experiences for those impacted, they are proudly part of the solution to positively impact lives moving forward.


To contact Inland AV, or for more information, please check out

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