Inland AV: Sales

AV systems keep the gym moving

The Inland AV sales department in conjunction with our Systems Design professionals, provide the most comprehensive audiovisual service in the Canadian midwest. Inland AV is capable of seeing a project from conceptualization, design, equipment selection, installation, training and ongoing support. Your sales representative develops a relationship with you, so that they can provide the solutions that will hold their value for years of use.

Inland AV has built a tremendous catalog of audiovisual equipment manufacturers. This is important as product lines need to complement each other, as specified by the Systems Design, to ensure that the entire system operates optimally.

While all of the products are components of Systems Design, we organize the audiovisual products into 9 categories with Systems Design as most important, the detailed planning of the system:

Feel free to download the Design. Integration. Results. [PDF:4,600Kb] sales profile. This sales profile provides an overview of our capabilities that include photographs and descriptions of 23 projects.