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System Design

An integrated communications system can involve a range of media including audio, video, data, lighting, visual communications or any number of related components. Your goal in creating a communications system is that it should be powerful, effective and simple to operate. Contact your Inland AV representative and enquire about our Design Build and Systems Design services.

The development of the audio, video and control systems in the planning stage of your audiovisual project is crucial to both your budget and peace of mind. Systems Design will:

Using advanced AutoCAD software and the Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE) program, our design team accurately formulates and precisely analyse a system's audio performance before it is actually installed.

Design > Integrate > Collaborate

Download the Design > Integate > Collaborate [PDF: 16Mb] for an overview of the capabilities of Inland AV. More than 16 different Inland AV designed projects are featured. See pages 4 and 5 for more information on Inland AV Systems Design services.

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"We have utilized the services of Inland Audio Visual to assist us in designing and installing our systems throughout the company. Since 2003 we have rebuilt most of our 9 locations using Inland's design, installation and maintenance services. As we continue to upgrade our locations, we have confidence that Inland Audio Visual will be an integral component in any of our future endeavours."
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