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Entertainment Lighting

Lighting is an extremely crucial consideration when planning the audiovisual integrated Systems Design for a room. Lighting includes stage lighting, studio lighting and architectural control and dimming. Lighting is so much more than just the lighting instruments themselves. As well as stage and studio lighting, controlled room lighting is a crucial factor in any venue. Through no other medium is it possible to alter moods, change dynamics and articulate drama with such definitiveness. Whether your venue is a place to educate, entertain, worship or broadcast, Inland AV's qualified personnel are here to help.

Lighting systems are comprised of 3 different basic components:

Inland AV can cater to your lighting needs with extreme precision. With a full line of light fixtures, dimming and control systems at our disposal, we bring the expertise necessary for cutting edge lighting system design in stage, studio or architectural settings.

Inland AV is proud to support ETC, Colortran, Altman, Lowel-Light and other professional lighting manufacturers.

Architectural Lighting

Great architecture can be elevated to stunning with the strategic placement of effective lighting.

From focal highlighting, to creating a new ambiance, the development of new lighting technologies can ensure a unique and captivating visual experience with the help of Inland AV’s experienced lighting team.

“Color” is the new word on the lighting horizon. Distinctive scenes can be created as single lighting instruments can now be programmed to change colour. With weather rated outdoor colour fixtures, capable of illuminating the largest of outdoor structures, and LED illumination for both indoor and outdoor, good quality lighting is rapidly coming to the forefront of high quality visual design.

Click here to see an animation of outdoor and interior lighting.


Stage and studio drapery works hand and glove with lighting. Drapery compliments lighting to set the mood of the room.

The heavy duty hardware that goes with stage and studio drapery allow for different looks to the same space. Drapery can be used to mask off space that is either empty, or a distraction to the audience.

In fact drapery can be used to create other functional spaces. Inland AV installed drapery as a room divider so that a large theatre could be split into separate "rooms". This allows different groups to be able to use the room simultaneously.

You can choose from many different types of drapery material, styles, colours and weights. Cotton or synthetic fibre materials are available, fire treated as required.

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