Enzo by AMX

Enzo by AMX

Introducing AMX’s Enzo


Enzo is a flexible platform for meeting rooms that provides Instant On, Instant Access to Content, Instant Meeting Start and Instant Sharing. Enzo makes it easy to instantly access and share information with others in your meeting. Enzo is designed as a flexible platform that can adapt to the changing ways users collaborate.

Screen mirroring enables users to display their presentations, photos, movies and more from their laptops, phones and tablets onto conference room displays over the network. To use Enzo’s screen mirroring capabilities, users must install MirrorOp Presenter or MirrorOp sender onto a laptop, tablet or smart phone. IOS devices and many android devices do not allow true screen mirroring. To support content sharing using MirrorOp, these devices will need to use the MirrorOp presenter in order to send content from the device to the screen. Installing MirrorOp presenter on the device enables the following features to be displayed over wifi onto Enzo:

Browser - Present website searches and results using the MirrorOp browser from the users devices to an Enzo connected display.

Camera - Use the device camera to take photos to share with co-workers. When not capturing images the camera will provide a live feed.

Documents - Walk into the conference room and wirelessly connect to Enzo to present Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF or Word documents from your smart phone or tablet using MirrorOp Presenter.

Photos - Present photos with friends and workmates on conference room screens from a smart phone or tablet using Enzo.

MirrorOp Sender - Provides true desktop sharing of a device’s operating system. All contents of the devices screen will be viewable on Enzo’s screen for a true mirroring experience. MirrorOp Sender does not include an annotation toll like MirrorOp Presenter.

Mac and Windows - Laptops use the MirrorOp Sender app which provides true desktop sharing. MirrorOp Sender equips users to easily share pictures, movies, documents or presentations from Windows and Mac devices over wifi onto TVs or display using Enzo.

Designed for Galaxy devices - Sender provides true screen mirroring and equips users to easily share pictures, movies, games, documents or presentations from Galaxy devices over wifi displays using Enzo.

Enzo Overview Video


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