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Shawn Masse, Telehealth Network Support at eHealth Saskatchewan, recently contacted Inland AV to design, supply and install an upgraded audiovisual system for their Athabasca Boardroom in Regina. “Earlier this year, eHealth needed to better equip one of the large meeting rooms in preparation for an important Executive Meeting. Since this meeting was fast approaching, our network support team knew that we would need to place a rush order on the equipment needed, which included a projector, power screen, wireless presentation access and a control system. I reached out to our Inland AV Sales Representative and we set up a consultation to discuss the best options for setting up equipment the meeting room.”

Trevor Wowk, Inland AV, commented, “having worked extensively with Shawn in supporting their 350 Telemedicine Suites across Saskatchewan, I understood his requirement for an effective boardroom system that could be in place to meet their aggressive deadlines.”

“The installation required a lot of coordination between Inland AV staff, electricians, and multiple products from different vendors.” explained Mr. Masse. “Thanks to Inland AV’s flexibility, and the great relationship they have with their vendors, we were able to get the order approved, ordered and installed within four weeks! After the install, we held a meeting where we used the projector and noticed that the presentations on the screen were shaking slightly due to an issue with the HVAC system in the ceiling. As soon as we alerted Inland AV of this issue, their staff were back at eHealth resolving the issue.”

Vibration Isolation

vibration isolation mount

“We installed a vibration isolation mount and the shaking issue was mitigated.” said Mr. Wowk.

“Inland AV’s professionalism, promptness, and expertise set the bar high. We will have high expectations going forward, which is why we will be relying on Inland AV,” summarized Mr. Masse.

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