Western Financial Group

Robson boardroom

Western Financial Group's
New Home of Technology

Western Financial Group recently consolidated their Winnipeg operations at the new Polo Park location on the site of the old Winnipeg Arena. Western Financial Group's operations encompass the entire second and third floor plus one unit on the main level.

Inland AV was brought into the project at it’s very early stages, helping with the planning and implementation of the collaborative work environment.

“We were involved in this project from conception through to the integration and installation which really made a difference to the completed project. We worked with the designers, architects, contractors and Raj Misir, Manager of ICT at Western Financial Group to ensure all systems functioned as envisioned” commented Alex McIntyre, Inland AV.

Integrated technology is central to Western Financial Group’s business operation. Videoconference systems and interactive monitors are available in boardrooms as well as in collaboration rooms. The training rooms and call center include monitors to share and distribute data. Even the gym has a monitor to keep the staff entertained.

Lunch & Events Room - with projection screen and inset without screen

The lunch & events room includes a large screen monitor (for lunch time entertainment) as well as a projector and motorized screen so the large lunch room space doubles as a multi-purpose room. The above lunch room photo show the motorized screen in place and the inset photo has the screen retracted into the ceiling.

The lunch & events room is the hub of Western Financial Group’s monthly broadcast of West TV. West TV includes a program produced by Western Financial Group and broadcast to throughout the network to keep employees up to date with their company and industry. West TV is also used as a distance learning tool by the 1,500 Western Financial Group staff. With locations from British Columbia to Manitoba, including many northern and remote areas, distance education is a key component of the Western Financial Group’s culture and commitment to staff training and continuing education.

Training Room


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