Upper Fort Garry MultiMedia Video Wall

entrance to the park with video wall visible in background

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park Installation


Inland Audio Visual is on-site at the Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park working on the multi-media installation. The project was conceived and supported by the Friends of of Upper Fort Garry.

"The Fort, built between 1834 and 1837, was the centre of trade for an area that was larger than Eastern Europe and was the administrative and judicial body of the Red River Settlement, which was governed by the Hudson’s Bay Company.  It was also the place where Louis Riel formed the Provisional Government which led to Manitoba entering Confederation as a province. Upper Fort Garry was demolished between 1881 and 1889." The site is located on the very busy corner of Winnipeg's Main Street and Broadway.

The main feature of this installation is the most unique 320 foot long and 10 feet high video wall we have ever been a part of. The wall is constructed from Corten steel with a natural rusty patina finish. The steel wall incorporates artwork into the wall depicting the history of the Fort and area. There are small openings in the wall that house all weather LED's and when viewed at a distance will display historical video content. See the photos below.

Video Wall With Ox Cart

LED Close Up

The system also includes an audio system. Speakers are mounted on top of the wall and pictured below. Sub-woofers are also included and hidden inside benches.

Speaker Mounted On Top Of Wall

Sub-Woofer Bench

The AV system will also be able to control the lighting around the park making for a great evening experience.

AV Controlled Lighting

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