Transparent LED Video Wall

transparent LED video wall with regular monitors in front.

Transparent LED Video Wall


Customizable For High Visual Impact

Inland AV is pleased to announce that Transparent LED video walls are now available from our five locations.

The Clear Wall transparent LED wall display is perfect for building high-impact indoor displays that command attention. Ideal for permanent and semi-permanent displays, including store-fronts, concerts, entertainment venues, national landmarks, and trade shows. It is customizable to fit your indoor architecture.


Video Overview of Transparent LED Posters & Video Walls


Hong Kong Installation

The designers of the Hong Kong store faced the challenge of how to deliver a dynamic fresh look and make a bright statement. The consensus was that the front store window displays were the stores most valuable asset and must display the brand fashion, trends, and new lines to their best advantage.  The three-story-high flagship store in the busy shopping district of Hong Kong opened with stunning three-story-high ClearLED Wall transaprent LED displays. The ClearLED Wall installations promote fashion trends while allowing sunlight to filter into the store.

3 story high transparent LED video wall

Two units of 100.79" x 314.96" ClearLED Walls were installed in Hong Kong

Canadian Credit Union Installation

A BC Credit Union had a vision for the centerpiece of its headquesters' renovation; the ClearLED Wall transparent display screen fufilled that vision. This giant LED screen allows natural sunlight to filter into the space while acting a powerful marketing tool promoting services to passers by. the first permanent installation of ClearLED Wall in North America, the proprietary ClearLED display offers 80% transparency and the highest pixel pitch in the industry. The above video includes footage from this installation.

Three units of 75.59" x 113.39" ClearLED Walls

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