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Transparent LED poster
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Transparent LED Window Posters


Versatile Lightweight Digital Window Posters

The CLEARLED Poster is a transparent digital indoor poster designed with convenience in mind. These portable and light weight displays can be purchased off-the-shelf and installed in no time. It’s easy to change the messaging on the display (static and video) simply through your computer, real-time, or can be programmed in advance, or even remotely.

• visible 24/7
• built-in light sensors
• 60% transparency
• lightweight and easy to install 

Attracting Customers

Strategically positioned close to a busy highway in Louisiana, McDonald's installed two CLEARLED Posters in its windows to attract customers. The CLEARLED Posters surpass the performance of the former paper posters used by McDonald's, due to their high visibility during daytime and nighttime hours.

Transparent LED Poster compared to regular poster


Natural Lighting Inside

The high transparency of the CLEARLED Poster ensures consistent delivery of both sunlight and electric light; it provides superior light quality indoors, which eliminates the need for additional indoor lighting systems.


Video Overview of Transparent LED Posters & Video Walls

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