Tim Wiest

Tim Wiest
Tim Wiest

Celebrating 25 Years At Inland AV

While Inland AV is celebrating Tim Wiest's twenty five years of service, Tim is keeping his eye on the future. We recently sat down and talked to Tim about his career.

Tim started his AV career with a part-time position at a local retail Hi-Fi store. "I started working in the AV industry while attending grade ten and never left. Nothing has held my interest like AV does. I have always had a keen interest in audio and video/visual related things, from production, pre and post, to the gear itself. It is a great feeling of accomplishment to see the final system in place, whether it is a staging job or an installed system"

Tim commented on working at Inland AV that "It is the perfect size of an organization: large enough to be able to compete for large projects and small enough that people are dealt with on a personal and individual level, we aren't just employee numbers."

Tim has two perspectives on the future. "The thought of what the next technology in communications will be is exciting. Every day brings new equipment, new ways of communicating that drive me to develop unique and valuable solutions for my clients. The Regina market has really been growing at a great pace and always has something on the go and new great ideas for the future of the city so it is a great place to work and to live."

Kim & Jim Werbowski expressed their appreciation for Tim saying "We congratulate Tim and are honoured that he has given Inland AV twenty five years of service. His contributions and dedication over the years at Inland AV are unsurpassed. We wish him a Happy 25th Anniversary."

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