Stanley Cup Visits Winnipeg

Jonathan Toews welcoming Winnipeg hockey fans

Stanley Cup Visits Winnipeg


Jonathan Toews made another triumphant return to Winnipeg on July 10, 2015 bringing the Stanley Cup and the Mark Messier Leadership Award with him. The Jonathan Toews Sportsplex (a part of the Dakota Community Club) hosted Mr Toews, on a beautiful Friday summer afternoon, and invited the public to come out and see the Stanley Cup. The highlight of the afternoon was a question and answer session with fans asking questions and Jonathan providing the answers.

The audio system included a digital mixing board that could be controlled wirelessly from an iPad. This is a great feature as all the audio hardware can be behind the stage and the technician can walk around the crowd and adjust the mix from several different areas. It also allows the audience a better view of the event as a mixing station is not set up in front of the stage allowing for the best viewing points to be available for the audience instead of a mixing booth with a tent blocking the front of the stage.

Q & A with Jonathan Toews

We extend our congratulations to Chicago Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews in winning this year's Stanley Cup and thanks for once again sharing it with our Winnipeg hockey fans!

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