International Space Station Student Questions

Students Question Space Station Astronaut

450 Pembina Trails School Division students recently had the opportunity to ask Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jaques questions while he was on board the International Space Station. The students assembled and asked 10 questions from the Shaftesbury High School gymnasium ranging from diet, drinking water (you don't want to know) to what the Earth looks like from orbit.

Shaftesbury School Gym


The audiovisual system was an interesting set up. The school gym projector and screen was used for the visual presentation. The gym audio system (installed by Inland AV) was connected to our mixer and telephone interface. We called an amateur radio operator on a bridge that included somebody from the Canadian Space Agency, and the radio operator broadcasted our call to the ISS using his radio antenna.

Everything went as planned and the students were thrilled to talk with a Canadian astronaut, as he orbited Earth, on the International Space Station.

Audio From the International Space Station


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