Siloam Mission Red Carpet

volunteers getting the red carpet treatment

Volunteers Treated to a Red Carpet Walk

Siloam Mission recently held their Volunteer Appreciation Gala at the Transcona Golf and Country Club. 675 of the 8,142 Siloam Mission volunteers had a wonderful evening of fun and entertainment.

Lindsay Smith, Director of Human Resources & Volunteers Services commented that "Our Volunteer Appreciation events are integral to our organization. With over 8,100 volunteers they need to know how much we appreciate their efforts: every potato peeled is valuable to the clients we serve. With our Hollywood theme for this year's event, and our focus on making the volunteers feel special, it was natural to include a Red Carpet entrance for our volunteers."

The Red Carpet was a fun way to let the volunteers know how important they are to Siloam Mission. They were encouraged to add "accessories" before taking the walk and were greeted by enraptured "fans" and "paparazzi". They were also projected onto the HD video screens via remote controlled cameras (see the photo below) so the volunteers were larger than life!

Red Carpet Walk

Rene Mauve Toupee (Gery Schubert) was the perfect Hollywood MC keeping the event flowing and the audience laughing. This was Gery's third time hosting the event. Pirate and Hawaiian Luau were the previous year's themes.

The Stage is Set

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