Sharp Windows collaboration display

Windows collaboration display from Sharp

Walk in, plug in and work together with the Windows collaboration display from Sharp

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp (PNCD701) is a next generation 4K Ultra HD 70” Class (69.5” diagonal) interactive display that enables better space utilisation and more productive collaboration in meetings, boardrooms, training rooms, technical reviews and almost anywhere else.

As well as using Sharp’s award-winning technology, together with a built-in microphone, high-quality camera and IoT sensor hub, it works seamlessly with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. Furthermore, it’s all backed by the cloud to deliver outstanding ease-of-use and enable the continual analysis of meeting room conditions and usage.

Windows collaboration display from Sharp


PNCD701 Key Features:

Plug and play
To get the meeting started in a flash, simply “plug and play” with the Windows collaboration display from Sharp. Just connect its 8m long USB-C cable and it automatically switches to the right input for whatever information you want to display. For flexibility, a wireless connection is included for lower bandwidth data transfer. Any hardware without a USB-C connection can still use the full functionally of the display by using a HDMI and USB Type B cable combination.

Create the perfect meeting space and optimize use of meeting spaces with IoT sensors
Leverages built-in sensors to capture and analyze room use, occupancy, lighting, temperature and air quality data to optimize space and resource utilisation.

Get business analytics
Collect your information and gain insights into how your boardrooms and meeting spaces are being used to make operational decisions within your working space. Included with every Windows collaboration display is a no-charge 90-day trial of Sharp SynappxTM WorkSpaces. After the 90 days, Sharp SynappxTM WorkSpaces then offers you the flexibility to choose from various options through its Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model.

Expand your Microsoft 365 experience
Extends work experience by leveraging Microsoft Teams and other user familiar apps to project, revise and share work, within in-room and remote participates to room scale.

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