Sharp PNY Series
Sharp PNY
stylish LCD monitors offer simple signage solutions

Sharp PN-Y LCD Monitor Series


Flexible mounting: face-up, face-down, tilted, landscape or portrait.

Sharp offers an effective and convenient solution for digital signage. The PN-Y556/Y496/Y436/Y326 LCD monitors are designed for ease-of-use and flexibility in a variety of settings. Simple and stylish, they have the functionality to support easy content distribution. Whether in a retail, public, or office setting, these monitors can help convey your message and make an eye-catching impression. So if you’re seeking a multifaceted signage solution with round-the-clock reliability and easy content distribution, these affordable slimline monitors offer outstanding value.

PN-Y Key Features

 Tilted, Face-Up, Face-Down

PNY tilted face up face down

Easy & Vesatile Signage Support

PN-Y LCD monitors support easy daily usage and versatile content distribution. Simply insert a USB memory device or SD card for plug-and-play operation. Using a specified wireless SD card equipped with an original Sharp HTML application, you can distribute content wirelessly from a PC or mobile device. Furthermore, SHARP Content Distributor software supports convenient content distribution and management via network. Thanks to their versatile signage capabilities, these monitors make it easy to convey messages in public spaces or commercial locations, or promote internal communication in the office.

Autoplay via Media Player

Displaying still images or videos couldn’t be easier. Just insert a USB memory device or SD card into the LCD monitor and the built-in media player starts playing your content right away. There’s no need for a PC and cables. It’s easy for anyone to operate.

Easy Overwrite via Wireless LAN

With a speci!ed wireless SD card*, you can wirelessly overwrite the content stored on the card. Using a wireless LAN makes it easy to distribute content from a PC, tablet or other mobile device, giving you a convenient data-transmission experience. There’s no need to insert or remove the card at the back of the monitor when you want to overwrite the content. This not only saves you time, it also gives you more freedom to install the monitor where it’s hard to reach—for example in a high place.

The PN-Y series will begin delivery in December 2016.

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