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Booke & Partners
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Booke & Partners is a Winnipeg based Chartered Accountant practice that recently installed Sharp interactive touch-screen AV systems in their boardroom and huddle room. The boardroom features an 80” interactive LED touch-screen and the smaller huddle room has a 70” version of the boardroom system.

Ken Shiffman, C.A., led the Brooke & Partners committee, researching the options available to develop a new AV solution for their two rooms. “Our clients are increasingly looking for their information electronically and our younger staff were pushing us for more technology to streamline our process. We knew there had to be a better way than our traditional paper methods so we went to work investigating our options. We made a list of criteria that the system needed to meet. With our diverse staff the solution had to be user-friendly. We are a very busy firm so the room needs to turn over very quickly. This ruled out using a projector that required time to cool down. We also realized that we needed a large screen to work with as much of our work utilizes Excel spreadsheets with a multitude of fields.”

Brian Pratcshler, Inland AV Account Representative, noted “I did a site inspection and then consulted with Mr Shiffman. I brought this information back to the Design team and we developed the system. The AQUOS BOARD fit the bill. An 80” for the boardroom and a 70” for the huddle room. We completed the user-friendly system with a wireless presenter that allows staff and visitors to quickly plug in their devices as well as a wireless keyboard. A few other components run in the background to make for a great experience for everyone.”

The AQUOS BOARD includes intuitive software for running collaborative meetings and the wireless presenter allows for instant access for all participants. A USB key allows everyone to plug in their device (PC, Mac, iOS and Android) and up to four devices can be on-screen at one time. The presenter scales the different devices so they all look sharp in HD. Participants can also follow the presentation from their own device as well as on screen or even across a network.

“The biggest surprise is that staff we expected to be hesitant about the changes have embraced it the most. Our forecasting and projections client meetings are much more productive. The ability to change numbers on the fly keeps the pace of the meeting going as we do not have to stop to print new documents. Annotating documents really keep everyone focused on specifics.”

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