Seven Oaks Arena

Seven Oaks Arena Opens


Inland AV is proud to have helped with the design and integration of the AV systems for the new Seven Oaks Arena complex that is a part of the Garden City Community Centre.

The recreation centre includes two arenas, full service concession, running track and multi-purpose rooms that have been built next to the existing indoor soccer complex. There are outdoor facilities that include basketball, soccer, hockey and baseball fields. The facility also includes a private fitness centre as well as hockey and soccer pro shops.

The AV systems include three separate digital signage systems, audio systems in each arena, a paging system and audio and video systems in the multi-purpose rooms.

Digital Signage

The Seven Oaks Arena includes several different sets of monitors. One set of monitors provide wayfinding, Other uses include concession menus, entertainment televisions and monitors in the multi-purpose rooms.


The wayfinding monitors are used to direct players to their assigned dressing rooms and spectators to the arena where the game they are interested in watching is being played. The monitors also display other activities such as the fitness centre, multi-purpose room events and advertising. The content is created and managed with software that is hosted on an administration computer.

Canteen Menu

The concession is a busy place serving hungry spectators, thirsty players and people using the other facilities in the complex. There are two monitors that display the menu graphics. The content is displayed via a USB Flash Drive. This process allows for a user-friendly way for the menu information to be updated.

Sports & Weather

The concession eating area features two monitors that display cable television to entertain and inform people waiting for their game to start or are waiting for players to emerge from their dressing rooms. The monitors can display the same program or they can display different programs. The photo below has two different programs: a football program and the weather channel. There is a separate audio speaker above each monitor. The TV audio is muted momentarily when either the concession or administration paging microphone is broadcasting a message.

Blue and Red Arena Audio

The focus of the new Seven Oaks Arena is the action that is on the red and blue arenas ice. Each arena is equipped with its own dedicated audio system. Each system consists of a centre speaker cluster to cover the ice surface plus a series of audience speakers that broadcast audio to the seating area. Each arena has a media room that includes a wall mounted rack with the system components. There is also a separate module that enables a microphone or line level audio source such as an iPod to be patched in. The arena audio systems are also tied into the administration paging system. When a building wide page is made the arena audio is “ducked” so the page can be heard and then the arena audio is back in the fore front.

Building Paging System

The Seven Oaks Arena AV system includes two paging systems: the administration desk and the concession stand. The microphone at the administration desk overrides the audio in the arenas, concessions, TV’s and throughout the hallways. It does not broadcast into the multi-purpose rooms.The concession stand paging system mutes the TV audio while they announce that an order is ready to be picked up and enjoyed.

Multi-Purpose Rooms With a View

The Seven Oaks Arena complex includes four multi-purpose meeting rooms that are available for public rental. Three of the rooms overlook the blue hockey rinks

All four of the rooms have their own audio system with a rack built into the wall for easy access to the volume controls. The equalizer has a cover on it (as cut out photo illustrates) so that it can only be accessed by staff.

The three multi-purpose rooms overlooking the rink all have a flat panel display. The cut out of the wall inputs show the VGA, HDMI and audio inputs as well as access to the network. The rooms with carpet and a boardroom style table also have a cubby in the table for access to power and computer inputs. Laptops, tablets and smartphones can connect wirelessly to the monitor so there are no frustrating cables to deal with.

The large multi-purpose room is equipped with a ceiling mounted projector.

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