Cisco HD University Classroom

Universite de Saint-Boniface
New HD Videoconference Classroom

The recent construction of the new Pavillion Marcel-A.- Desautels included moving an existing videoconference classroom into the new space. They used this opportunity to upgrade the classroom to HD technology.

The HD upgrade was similar to an existing classroom. As professors and staff were comfortable using the existing system it was decided that the HD upgrade should mirror the existing system.

new HD classroom with directional ceiling microphones

One of the differences between the two videoconference rooms is that the new room utilizes a series of ceiling microphones to pick up the student questions and class discussion. Frederic Jubinville, New Media Technician, commented “We thought that ceiling microphones were an interesting concept and that they were a good fit for this new videoconference classroom. We also think that the AMX control panel is one of the best aspects of the new room. The programming makes the system very user-friendly so the staff can focus on delivering the lesson”.

The equipment rack was mounted on the back wall by the comfort monitor and HD camera. This setup allows the front of the room to maintain a clean look.

comfort monitor and equipment rack

This new classroom is another positive step in distance education. 

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