Princess Auto

Princess Auto's head office

Princess Auto's Harvey Tallman Boardroom

Princess Auto has been a part of the Winnipeg business community since 1933. From their Winnipeg head office, Princess Auto operates 46 retail locations across Canada and has a bustling online division.

All of these locations generate a huge amount of data to capture, analyze and export. The Harvey Tallman Boardroom (Harvey Tallman bought the company in 1942) is the command-and-control centre for the company.

The Harvey Tallman Boardroom AV system has changed the way the management team works. The Epson ultra-short throw interactive projector enables the team to see the data in a collaborative way while mounted unobtrusively above the whiteboard system.

The whiteboard is part of the Integrated Interactive System. The whiteboard is designed as a superior quality projection screen that doubles as a whiteboard. The system includes the housing for the control panel and markers, a marker tray, the projector mount and a valance to maintain a nice clean look.

The touch screen controller is user-friendly allowing to switch sources to the projector as well as operate the audio conferencing unit.

A recessed cable cubby on the boardroom table provides participant’s laptops instant access to the projector. The cable cubby inconspicuously allows for different types of inputs as well as supplies power to the devices.

The audio conferencing system enables management to comfortably talk to their retail locations and suppliers. Everyone seated around the boardroom table has their voice picked up by the ceiling microphones with the outside participants voices fed through the boardroom’s ceiling speakers.

Harvey Tallman Boardroom

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