Pembina Curling Club

red wins in an extra end!
note: you can't see the rocks through the glass and players

Pembina Curling Club's Overhead View of the House

The Pembina Curling Club members now enjoy a bird’s eye view of the house (the curling rings) while they are getting ready to step on the ice, enjoying lunch in the restaurant or while sharing stories on the second floor lounge.

These off-ice areas now sport 18 flat panel screens. Each screen can independently display any of the rinks six sheets of ice or a television channel. The video system also integrates digital signage so the club can promote upcoming events and in-house specials.

Twelve overhead cameras deliver a bird’s eye view of the house and two additional cameras supply a long shot of the entire ice surface.

The main challenge of this project was to take into account the large swings in temperature and humidity. The light reflection off the ice surface also needed to be considered when choosing and placing the cameras.

The video system has created a better experience for all members. When you were off the ice it was hard to understand what was happening on the ice as people could not see the detail of the rocks that were in the house. Now they can see who is biting closest and feel the drama of every hit and roll.

Watch Club members play and keep an eye on the pro game

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