Park Theatre Hitachi Laser Projection

Park Theatre 2015's WCMA Venue of the Year

Park Theatre & Lounge Projection

Winnipeg’s Park Theatre, in the Osborne Street south residential area of Winnipeg, recently upgraded the in-house projector to the Hitachi LP-WU9750B laser projector with the SD803 lens. The projector is reviewed in detail in this newsletter.

The Park Theatre opened to the public as a movie theatre in 1915. The operation shut down after 73 continuous years. After remaining vacant for a time, it was purchased by Erick Casselman, and opened as a venue for live performances and special events. Bands, DJ’s, CD release parties and stand up comedy make up most of the live performance events. The special events include community fundraising, movies and day-time corporate presentations. The Park Theatre was awarded the “Venue of the Year” in 2014 by the Western Canadian Music Award’s.

The Hitachi Laser Projector is the fourth projector to be installed in the venue’s 13 year history. “Each projector upgrade has been impressive”, said owner Erick Casselman. “The difference was immediately obvious. This new projector has a fantastically bright and clear image. My clients, that have had a chance to use it, have all loved it.”

We congratulate The Park Theatre on their new projector installation and wish them continued success in providing great entertainment to Winnipeg.

Park Theatre Projection Screen


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