Nygard Auditorium

Nygard's AV Update

Nygard International recently upgraded their AV systems in their Presentation Auditorium and cafeteria.

NYGÅRD International, headquartered in Winnipeg, is a leading fashion company that designs and markets women’s fashion apparel. 

The Presentation Auditorium technology refresh included the control system and audio system. A new touch screen control system was programmed to control the AV system including the two projectors and screens, wireless microphones, music and room lighting. The upgrade included the addition of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) The system can also be managed from an iPad from anywhere in the room.

The audio system upgrade includes a sub-woofer and full-range speakers. Music is often a part of the presentations and the sub-woofer really lets you feel the bass. Five wireless microphones were also incorporated into the design. The DSP and matrix switcher makes for a user-friendly experieince so that people can focus on fashion instead of the AV technology.

The two projectors were upgraded to high definition in an earlier refresh of the room.

The Nygard cafeteria digital signage was also upgraded. the garden setting is a great place for workers to enjoy their lunch. The space also doubles as an overflow area for meetings that the Presentation Auditorium can't accomodate everyone.

Nygard Presentation Auditorium

Digital Signage


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