Inland AV COR Certified Manitoba
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Inland AV COR Certified in Manitoba

Inland Audio Visual is proud to be the first COR Certified AV company in Manitoba.

Kim Werbowski, Co-President, CEO & WSHC Chair, commented that "COR Certification is the national safety standard and has expanded our focus on safe work. This has taken our Workplace Safety & Health committee work to a new level. Every person in our Winnipeg location participates. Many of our partners in the construction industry and other organizations like the University of Manitoba have achieved COR Certification and our certification tells everyone that Inland AV invests in ensuring the safety of our employees, other organization's employees and their property."

The four other Inland AV locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan are registered in their provinces COR program and working towards the full certification of all Inland AV locations by the summer of 2015.

COR Lunch Presentation

COR presentation
Mark Raho & Ken Datzkiw, Inland AV WSH committee members attended the CSAM Presentation.


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