Living Hope Church Audio Array HD Video Projection

rigging the speaker array and testing the projectors

Living Hope
Alliance Church

The Living Hope Alliance Church, located on Regina’s east side, has been busy building an addition to their existing Hillsdale facility.The new sanctuary includes a state-of-the-art video and audio system.

The video system is comprised of five HD projection screens (three 11.5 x 20’ and two 7.5 x 13.3’), three sets of stacked Epson ProZ 8050W projectors at the front of the room and two single projectors at the back of the room, ten large LCD displays, three 1080p robotic cameras with joystick and touch-screen control, HD video switcher and other components to complete the video system.

The audio system is anchored from the 48 channel live digital mixing console. The audio system also includes a digital snake, digital signal processor, power amps, an array speaker system, ceiling speakers, wireless microphones and guitar packs, headset intercom system and an assisted listening system.

The audio system also includes stage mix system that is controlled by the musicians taking the work load off of the audio engineer.

A great AV system design and installation by the Inland AV Regina team!

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