Gym Video Projector Protection Cage

projection scoreboard

Inland AV Designs a Better Equipment Cage:
Perfect for Scoreboards, Presentations & Media Events


Inland AV was recently working with a local school in developing a video projection system to be installed into the school gym to be used as a scoreboard, as well as assemblies and other school events. “Protection of the equipment in a gymnasium environment is a huge issue,” commented Alex McIntyre, Inland AV Account Manager. “and the commercially available cages were not well designed as they would transfer vibrations to the
projector”. Alex brought this issue to the Inland AV design team and they enthusiastically took up the challenge to design a custom protective cage.

The design team developed a cage design that isolated the projector from the protective cage to better protect the sensitive electronic components and projection lamps.

Working with a local metal fabricator a prototype was produced. After many refinements were made to the prototype: it was manufactured and ready for installation.

Isolating Projector Cage

A computer and projection based scoreboard is a fraction of the cost of a traditional hardware scoreboard. A projection system is also available for presentations, movies and other events. That is great value for the educational dollar.

We encourage managers of recreation facilities and gymnasiums to contact us about protecting existing equipment or are planning an installation of sensitive components that will be exposed and susceptible to damage from sports equipment and vandalism.

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