ClaryIcon OneScreen

from Clary Icon

The OneScreen™ from Clary Icon combines video conferencing, whiteboarding and computing from a single touch screen so teams can productively work together when they need to - from across the globe or across the room.

When it’s this easy to dial a conference, instantly access relevant digital content, annotate, discuss, and share from one collaborative screen, your teams will want to use OneScreen for every meeting.

Significant Cost Savings

One package with professional HD video conferencing, interactive whiteboard and a powerful computer. When these components are purchased separately they cost three to four times more.

Industry Leading Hardware and Software

OneScreen is the result of Clary Icon's close collaboration with industry leading hardware and software vendors. The premium components that are integrated in the OneScreen are the best in their respective categories.


Clutter-free Setup

Separate components are not only expensive but also difficult to manage, take up more space and are usually not compatible with one another. OneScreen puts all the tools required for collaboration and communication at your disposal.

Truly Interoperable

The only solution in the market that allows you to connect with any video and audio conferencing solution based on H.323 and SIP protocols. OneScreen's interoperability makes it an ideal choice for enterprise-level collaboration where different vendors and endpoints are always encountered.

Integrated Collaboration

OneScreen combines professional class HD video conferencing, interactive whiteboarding and robust computing from a single touch screen. It is a fully autonomous collaboration system requiring no additional external devices.

NAT and Firewall Transversal

OneScreen works behind firewalls and does not require any configuration of IP addresses or port blocking for video conferencing to work. The NAT and firewall transversal service translates allows outsiders to connect to your network by deciphering the public IP address.

Media and Entertainment

OneScreen is not just about work. It acts as a full-fledged media center with HD display and a powerful computer. It's great for viewing videos, creating multimedia-rich presentations, or surfing the Internet. Integrated speakers eliminate the need of connecting an external sound system.

vidtel MeetMe

Vidtel MeetMe is a cloud-based, any-to-any® video conferencing service. With MeetMe, your company can use video for both internal and B2B videoconferencing, with no capex investment, no bulky hardware to manage, and no new video endpoints to purchase. Vidtel MeetMe works with the SIP and H.323 equipment you already have, plus Google Talk, Skype, and WebRTC-based web browsers, making it easier than ever for your employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to join a conference any time, anywhere.

A better, smarter way to collaborate

With Vidtel MeetMe, customers get high-quality, easy-to-use video conferencing functionality, with none of the traditional pain points of legacy video.

With Vidtel MeetMe:

vidtel MeetMe benefits:

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