Cisco HD University Classroom

CMU: Historic Building & HD Videoconferencing

The Canadian Mennonite University’s main campus located in Winnipeg is a blend of historic buildings and cutting-edge new facilities. The systems communicate with other HD video systems and can host smaller institutions without full videoconference capabilities.

A state-of-the-art boardroom and classroom include interactive touch displays and HD videoconference systems. The system has been configured to handle multiple images simultaneously for art and science classes.

Student raises hand, just like a face-to-face class

The wireless touchscreen system controller is programmed with different configurations so the professor can match their course materials to the system.

There are also provisions for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sessions via input connections on the professors desk.

The initial room CAD illustration and final room photograph are displayed below. The final room matches the CAD perfectly, down to the placement of the desk!

Classroom Room View Riser

Room View Riser of CMU classroom

photo of CMU HD video conference classroom

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