Interactive BrightLink in Architect Boardroom

ultra-short throw BrightLink Pro 1430Wi

BrightLink Pro in the Boardroom


MMP Architects recently installed an interactive BrightLink Pro 1430Wi in their boardroom located in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District.

Marty Kuilman, Managing Architect, commented that the BrightLink Pro has already proven its value in two ways. "The BrightLink is a great tool for our creative staff to work in a collaborative fashion. It has also sped up our design process. Traditionally our clients come to our office and we discuss our draft designs on paper. After the meeting we would make the changes, print out the refined draft on paper and wait for the next meeting. We can now make the changes on-the-fly during our meeting. Our clients appreciate the fact that we can complete our projects quicker with fewer meetings".

The installation of the BlightLink Pro included custom millwork. The millwork looks great and also resolved several installation issues such as the uneven brick work, power, cabling and mounting of the projector and whiteboard.

Custom millwork looks great!


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