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The Anchor Go Getter:
New Anchor Audio Portable Sound System

The Go Getter portable sound system is ideal for a wide variety of audio needs while also being incredibly user friendly. It is easy to set up and delivers clear, high quality audio for every situation. This system was specifically designed with improved electronics and circuitry that reduce distortion, and increase voice intelligibility.

It will begin shipping on September 1, 2013.

Anchor Go Getter

The Versatility of the Go Getter

The Go Getter delivers 109 dB of crystal clear sound and is ideal for both voice and music. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and can reach crowds of up to 500+ people. Weighing in at just 23 pounds, the Go Getter is easy to transport and set up on a speaker stand. It's not just a speaker, it's a complete sound system. Simply plug in a media player or microphone and the system is ready to go.

It is an ideal solution for schools, sporting events, corporate settings, military training, houses of worship, and more.


YouTube Go Getter Video Demo



The Go Getter is encased in ABS plastic that is built strong, UV treated, and fade resistant. Anchor products have been used around the world and have been proven to withstand even the toughest environments. The Go Getter will be no different and is sure to exceed all expectations. Anchor Audio guarantees the excellent quality of this product with an industry leading six year warranty.


The Go Getter has several different options available and even with these extra features added, it's still the most cost effective choice on the market. The total cost of a complete package will start at $995 suggested retail price. The Go Getter Basic Package includes the speaker with one wireless receiver, a built-in MP3/CD player combo, customer's choice of a wireless microphone, and a stand – all for the suggested $995.

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