Commerce Carol Dance Party

CAD on top and live event photo below


Commerce Carol 2018

Inland Productions embraced the opportunity to enhance the last day of exams at the University of Manitoba, into an enormous dance celebration at the RBC Convention Centre, as CSA hosted yet another amazing Commerce Carol social!

The production designer Jim Dobbin, Director of Special Events and Matt Hogue developed a CAD conceptualization and brought it to life. The holiday themed experience featured a huge 10 foot wide, 360 degree LED tubes, snow flake truss structure that suspended over the dance floor. The snowflake was surrounded by more than 40 moving lights to create a spectacular holiday themed light show operated by Dorion Denatale! Our General Manager Dave Daniels overlooked the operations and the scheduling for the success of the event!

Our friends, Nyle and Cory, at IA brought in a full size EAW line array that consisted of 8 tops per side and an additional 4 mid size line array hung below as well a center hung line array! The 12 duel 18 subs added the extra kick to make the party pound into the next morning. (It Pounded hard)

A 40 foot rear projection screen flown upstage projected by 2 x LED projectors, with ultra short throw snorkel lenses requiring only only 9 feet of throw distance, was edge-blended to perfection by Sonny Neufeld. Jaspen Fryza created a 12 foot Christmas present LED box, around the DJ’s booth, 16 feet above the dance floor. Accompanied by 6 x six foot LED towers and a seven foot Christmas tree expanded the 60 foot downstage structure! Scott Taillieu brought all the visuals to life incorporating the projection and LED panels with and dynamic visual experience of Christmas, graphics and color imaging which he controlled with the music and lighting show LD!

Commerce Carol 2018 Video Overview


At about midnight the social was in full party mode as the Cold Spark’s went off and lit the room with indoor pyrotechnics that wowed the crowd and brought the social to a close at 2:00 am!

Thank you Shona, Arthur, Miranda, Michele, Tony, Rebecca, Connor, Amanda, Tessa and Mack for having us be a part of your 2019 Commerce student association social

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