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video monitors keep you on top of the score

Motion Fitness

Inland AV worked with several Motion Fitness locations to develop an AV system that would keep their clients moving to the groove of the music. After developing systems in Lloydminister, Okotoks, Stonebridge and Blairmore: Saskatoon was next up with two Motion Fitness locations set for installation.

The audio system delivers upbeat background music and the aerobic zone area can pump up the volume of the music and the instructors wireless headset microphones for group classes. Video monitors are available to entertain members who are riding a stationary bike or are working out at other equipment stations.

The reception area has a video screen so that people can catch up on the game while they wait for their appointment or for their friends to come out of the change rooms.

The weight area photo has three different video monitors visible and they are all set to a differnt channel!

The AV systems have been well received by Motion Fitness members, staff and management.

Motion Fitness aerobics studio