Inland AV: Sales

420 Feet of
Surround Screen

It started out to be a modest project of a couple of projectors showing the history of the Saskatchewan Masonry Institute (SMI). The vision for the awards show quickly evolved into a cultural retrospective history of Saskatchewan. It was a full sensory experience like the Province or the industry has never experienced before.

Inland AV played a major role in the show helping to shape the vision and leading the technical design. Inland AV also produced the three hour digital multi-image presentation, installed the AV equipment and operated the system.

Over 420 feet of projection screen was flown from the ceiling to completely surround the entire audience of 360 people. Twenty-two, 4,000 ANSI lumen LCD projectors were also flown and driven by a series of computers, DVD players and an image magnification camera.

The opening reception featured a jazz duo that filled TCU Place Grand Salon with their silky tones. Guests mingled, snacking on hors d’oeurves, catching up with friends and industry associates.

A sumptuous dinner was served followed by the 360˚ multi-media presentation. The visuals illustrated the history of Saskatchewan, from the building boom of the 1920’s, today’s expansion and a glimpse of the future. The 360˚ visuals blended with prerecorded music, narration, a four piece band, Professor Fustbuster and dance routines reminiscent of the decades. The show culminated with SMI honouring the best in their business including the Bethlehem Catholic High School project, winner of the Presidential Masonry Design Award.

The final result of all the creativity and hard work was an event that will live on and inspire the masonry industry.